Introducing the “31 Hour Day”: Multi-Tasking Adds 7 Hours to Average American’s Day

The average American is cramming over 31 hours of activity into a 24 hour day.  Multi-tasking is adding up to 7 hours of incremental activity according to an analysis presented by at the WSJD Live Conference, Tech and Media Outlook 2016.

A couple observations:

  • Sleeping: I’m actually happy to see the average American is getting 7 hours of sleep — with two kids age 3 and younger in my household 7 hours sounds pretty good!
  • Personal & Household Care… Childcare?: I’m guessing this is where the missing “childcare” piece would fit in? Also known as the “being a parent” piece of the day? Adding this in might add up another handful of hours at least.  The chart would implode.
  • Reading: But look at reading: only :19 minutes? My 3 year old reads more than 20 minutes a day.  Our information seeking has gone from long form thoughtful experiences to soaking up bits and pieces, and getting our news from 140 character headlines.  Scary.
  • Multi-Tasking: And, on “multi-tasking” insight overall; if 7 hours of our day is spent doing multiple things at once, that accounts for 7 really ineffective hours. Studies have shown that our brains are not really engineered for so called multi-tasking.  “You’re really just switching back and forth between two tasks really quickly,” according to Guy Winch, Ph.D author of Emotional First Aid as featured in Forbes.  Think of it as making your brain run back and forth on a field doing sprints – no wonder we’re all so exhausted!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.46.18 AM.png

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