Trump! Hillary! The Trivago Guy!

Trump and Hillary won’t be the only ones duking it tonight to win over Americans. Madison Avenue is getting in on the action, too.

We’ve already seen the “Bud Light Party” featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan, JetBlue’s creative stunt “Reach Across the Aisle” and how could we forget Trojan’s “Can’t Hide That Election“.

The online travel category, which is no stranger to duking out its spokespeople (and spokesgnomes), has had political themed ads from both The Trivago Guy and Captain Obvious “Running for President“.

New spots from Audi “Duel” and Honest Company “Love Today For A Better Tomorrow” show that everyone from luxury cars to adorable diapers are finding a creative way to be relevant during debate season.

Creative isn’t the only factor for advertisers to consider. We spoke to Jay Langan, President of Ocean Media, to get his perspective on the impact to the media market – especially TV where most of the debate will be viewed. “Every election cycle has our clients asking about impact to their business. Most national advertisers see minimal impact as campaign dollars tend to be focused on local swing states. If those markets are part of your media strategy expect a rough ride until November. Inventory will be scarce and prices sky high.”

But for national advertisers there is also a benefit to running during election season. “On the national side, there has been a big jump in ratings for the news networks–thank you Trump. The boost in ratings has been great for the networks and good for clients. Tonight should set some records with viewership. So expect big ratings and the unexpected.”

We’ll keep you updated on the spots that air tonight. In the meantime, all the spots are hyperlinked in this article, but let’s end with the dancing babies shaking it to “Why Can’t We Be Friends” – because we’ll all need something to smile about after tonight.

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