Lean On: Finding Your Heros and Sheros

I’ve finally finished both Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” and Arianna Huffington’s “Thrive.” Both books have been recommended to me a billion times as a mom of two kids working in tech and marketing, and trying to “have it all” (or, rather “be it all”).  I had trouble relating to both of them. Lots of good advice but there’s nothing about Sheryl or Arianna that that I can relate to — I struggled to read through the pages while I imagine them with their personal stylists, jet setting around the world, and always (always) having perfect hair.  My mentors still have nice hair, but are also more relatable every day heros and sheros that I know I canlean on.  There has been no factor more important in my career “wins” than having that network to learn from, and lean on.

One of the most pivotal moments was in 2007 when I was an account supervisor at the Mullen agency in Boston, and our CEO Joe Grimaldi happened to be sitting next to me as we held a brainstorm session for a current client who we were at risk of losing to another agency.  I sat tapping away at my laptop drafting the meeting notes as the rest of the leaders passionately debated ideas and positioning strategies. Joe turned to me: “shut your laptop, I want to hear your thoughts. You have good ideas.”  I’d like to say we kept the business, but we actually lost it.  Only to win it back a year later, and eventually I became head of marketing for that very company.  I think of that moment all the time, at every step of my career and in mentoring others. Mentoring doesn’t have to be a formal initiative launched by a company, it can happen in moments.  And, to this day, Joe still has some pretty amazing hair.

Thank you to all my heros and sheros for being there for a phone call or just inspiring me with the way you lead your own life and career.  Joe Grimaldi, Tom Lyons, Edward Boches, Karie Lepito, Michael Ancevic & Steve Mietelski (who inspired me to “jump” and launch Moco), Bob Harris, Doug Lebda, Shea Kelly, John Moore, Steve Centrillo, Kristen Cavallo, and so many more.  Thank you.

See if you can find a moment today to give someone a shoulder to lean on. Maybe some tough love. You might change their career.

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