Creative Best Practices: A Formula to Successful TV Ads?

Alr-KID-TV-large570bert Einstein certainly didn’t work on Madison Avenue, but one of his most famous quotes could save a lot of advertisers from wasting their ad dollars: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

According to the most recent Moco Global “TV Creative Best Practices” survey, the same can be said about web companies who want to produce successful TV campaigns.  We surveyed media agencies around the globe and no matter what the market — Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Russia, UK or the US — all agencies spoke the same language as to what makes for successful TV creative: simplicity.

The team at Media Plan, an independent media agency based in Germany reminded me of the “KISS” motto: keep it simple, stupid.  Or, perhaps its should be, keep it stupidly simple.

This sounds easy enough. But, the challenge is that developing simple creative is not simple at all. Marketers often want to communicate every single product attribute, and sometimes several products into one single :30 ad.  But, as the saying goes, “the best artists know what to leave out.” This is true not only in art, but in technology, retail, cooking, and quite frankly, in life.

Being able to execute on the KISS strategy, requires starting the process with a very strong creative brief. I’ve seen creative briefs that are more than 2-pages long, which really isn’t the definition of “brief”.  Think of Simon Sinek’s inspiring mantra: “Knowing our Why is like a lighthouse, a way to guide us to fulfillment.” Make sure your Why is the concept of the ad, and not the afterthought.

With that I leave you with the profound thoughts of Scott Adam’s Dilbert.


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